Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What Is CRM?

UWi Infotech CRM is your solution for effective Customer Relationship Management. It provides a user-friendly platform to manage leads, track customer interactions, and enhance communication. With customizable features, analytics for informed decision-making, and a focus on personalization, our CRM empowers businesses to build stronger customer relationships and drive growth. It's the key to elevating your customer engagement and boosting your organization's success.

Features of CRM

Lead Management

UWi Infotech's CRM Lead Management feature empowers businesses to efficiently track, manage, and nurture potential customers throughout the sales journey. From capturing leads to assigning them to the right team members and monitoring their progress, our CRM ensures that no opportunity is missed. With user-friendly tools and automation, UWi Infotech CRM Lead Management streamlines the sales process, helping businesses convert leads into loyal customers effectively and grow their revenue.

Data Management and Security

UWi Infotech CRM combines robust data management with top-tier security features. Centralize and organize customer data efficiently while safeguarding it with encryption, access controls, and regular audits. Rest easy knowing that your customer information is protected from unauthorized access, and compliance with data protection regulations is maintained. Elevate your CRM experience with UWi Infotech, where data management and security are top priorities.

Empowering Insightful Decisions

Unlock the power of data with our CRM's robust Reports and Dashboards feature. Easily access and analyze vital customer information, track sales performance, and gain valuable insights. Visualize your data through intuitive dashboards, enabling data-driven decisions to drive your business forward. UWi Infotech CRM simplifies complex data, empowering you to stay ahead in the competitive market.

User Management and Access Control

UWi Infotech's CRM excels in User Management and Access Control. It provides robust tools to efficiently manage user accounts, roles, and permissions, ensuring that your team can access the right data and features. This feature allows you to tailor access to customer information, enhancing security, and privacy. With UWi Infotech CRM, you have the power to customize user roles, permissions, and data access, providing a personalized and secure experience for your team, ultimately improving customer relationship management.

Field Sales Management

UWi Infotech CRM takes your field sales management to the next level. Our feature is designed to empower your sales team with real-time data, route optimization, and task management, ensuring that they are always in control while on the move. With UWi Infotech CRM, your field sales professionals can efficiently manage their appointments, access client information, and stay connected with the office, ultimately driving higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Email, Whatsapp ad Calling Solution

UWi Infotech's CRM feature integrates Email, WhatsApp, and Calling solutions to provide a seamless and efficient communication platform. This feature empowers businesses to effortlessly engage with customers through personalized emails, instant messaging via WhatsApp, and direct calls. It's a comprehensive solution that enhances customer interaction and relationship management, making it easier than ever to connect and communicate with your audience.


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